How my life changed forever

Part One: The Very Beginning

On the dreary, Wednesday morning on the 20th of March 2019, I woke up at 6:30 am to start getting ready for work at my extremely busy job of being a community nurse. This morning in particular, I felt not quite myself. I had a small twinge to the left side of my tummy, but thought nothing of it. Just two days prior to this, I had an appointment to donate blood at my local community centre, but upon arriving at the appointment and going through the checks, they found me to be extremely anaemic (which was incredibly unusual for me!) I had already taken a pregnancy test the morning before I was due to give blood as we had been trying to conceive for some time, but as usual, it was a stark-white negative test. I got a cheap pregnancy test out of the bathroom drawer and followed the instructions as I had done multiple times daily for the past few months, and left it on the side of the sink to continue getting dressed and ready for the day. I came back to the bathroom in my uniform, turned over the test and was absolutely shocked to find an extremely faint pink line on the test area after months and months of staring at a white, blank background. "Omg! Omg!" I shouted to my husband, Steven, who was still asleep in bed. I woke him to show him the test and he wasn't convinced that it was positive due to how faint the line was. I then took a First Response Early Result test which I was saving for a moment like this, and immediately the two pink lines started appearing in the test window! I began crying for joy, and again showed Steven this. He again seemed dubious, and even though I knew it to be true, said that I would get a Clearblue Digital test on my lunch break from the supermarket.

I have no idea how I managed to get through the day that day, my mind and heart were racing and my head full of ideas all clashing with each other. "Is this finally it?", "Are we finally pregnant?" Lunch time finally rolled around and I headed over to Morrisons on my way back to the office to purchase a Clearblue Digital test and also some more cheap pregancy tests (because you can never be too sure!). I went straight to the loos outside of the office and took the tests. It seemed like a lifetime of staring at the hourglass symbol on the Clearblue test window before it finally appeared...


I couldn't hold it in any longer, and sitting in the loo at the office, I cried my eyes out and rang Steven to let him know that we were finally pregnant. We were having a baby! 1-2 weeks on the digital indicator actually meant 3-4 weeks in real time pregnancy terms. I was the proudest mama in the world to the tiniest poppy seed of a baby. I immediately showed my boss the pregnancy tests and she was overjoyed for me as well, and then I got onto ringing my GP surgery to make the booking appointment for the midwife. Everything seemed so surreal!

It just so happened that on this dreary (but now utterly magical) Wednesday it was the anniversary of my Sister-in-law finding out she was pregnant with my nephew the exact same day in 2018, and also my Nan's 81st birthday. I called in after work to find my Mum and Sister already in her house chatting. I gave her the presents I had bought for her and unable to contain my excitement, slipped her the positive pregnancy tests in with these. Their reactions were unbelievable, tears of joy and happiness flowed throughout us all and we all celebrated not only the birthday of an amazing lady, but celebrated the new life I had growing inside of me.

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