Matroze: the up and coming WAHM brand

I was scrolling Instagram one day around a month ago and I came across a WAHM (Work at Home Mum - handmade) nappy brand that I had never heard of. Matroze Handmade. So I looked through the Instagram page and I was blown away by how stunning the prints that Liga had chosen were, and how well made the nappies appeared. So I approached her and asked if she would be interested in gifting me a nappy in order to test and review, and was happy to send us a nappy It was extremely hard to decide between the prints, but I eventually chose 'Treasure Quest', as I didn't have any pirate themed nappies.

Matroze Handmade is owned and ran by a lovely lady named Liga. She is mum to little girl, and like many people I know who use cloth nappies, started using cloth during the UK's infamous Lockdown in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic when supplies of everything, especially disposable nappies, were scarce. Matroze is Latvian for 'sailor' - hence why all of her original prints were nautical themed ("Merpeople, Treasure Quest). Matroze Handmade offer two different sizes of their all in 2 nappy; the slim OSFM (one size fits most) and a large OSFM. The slim fits from approximately 7lb-32lb and the large (which I am reviewing) fitting approximately 9lb-42lb.

First Impressions

When I first received this nappy, I was shocked at how light and compact it is. When I unsnapped the nappy and opened it up I was pleasantly surprised to see how big, stretchy and versatile it actually was. The print of the nappy was even better in real life than any photo taken (even though the photos are pretty amazing too!), it just was like no nappy I have ever tried before, and the print so different from anything I had ever seen too. The snaps Liga chose to use complimented the colours of the nappy perfectly.

The nappy has 4 rise snap settings and overlapping snaps on the tabs to fit from the smallest of babies to the chunkiest. Overlapping snaps are a good selling point for me as a potential buyer, not only because of allowing the nappy to fit smaller babies and newborns, but also for storage to keep the nappy neat with the inserts tucked in securely.

What's inside?

The lining of the nappy is made from a material called athletic wicking jersey, not dissimilar to what you would find on the lining of a swim nappy. I personally love this material for the lining of a nappy as it acts as a staydry material to help keep baby nice and dry, but also is excellent for poop containment and has a lower chance of staining. The outer material of the nappy is made from PUL (polyurethene laminate) which is what gives most nappies their waterproof qualities.

The nappy comes with two inserts which both snap in; a long snake-style insert and a small booster. The snake insert in this particular nappy which I was gifted is comprised of cotton and hemp which is perfect for heavy wetters such as my son, and topped with a silky-feeling stay dry material. Liga has changed this slightly in that newer versions of her nappies contain a snake insert topped with wicking bamboo material to draw moisture to the core of the insert to keep baby dry and help prevent compression leaks. The small booster snaps in to the back of the snake insert, and this is made of a bamboo terry material.

The long snake insert has two snap settings on the under side, so you can tailor the length of the insert to the rise settings on the actual nappy shell to fit your baby no matter how big or small. I love this, as you can leave the snake insert un-poppered and tailor the absorption to where you need it the most. My boy pees up the front of his nappies, so I can double the insert over in this area to catch his wees.

The Fit and using the nappy

I personally love the fit of this nappy. It was extremely easy to put on, the leg elastics are very stretchy which allows the nappy to come up and over the front of the long snake insert and fit comfortably above the hips and under the belly button. The thinness of the athletic wicking jersey lining and the PUL makes this nappy very slim fitting whilst on the bum, which helps a lot with fitting clothes, especially ones not cut for cloth.

I have been using this nappy now for over a month in order to get it up to absorbency with washing (with natural materials such as cotton, bamboo and hemp, it can take 8-10 washes to achieve full absorbency). Out of all the times which I have used this nappy, it has only ever leaked once. When I got the leak from this nappy, it had already been on for 1.5 hours, and I put Rory in the car for a short 10 min car ride to a café, and then he was sat in a high chair for another 1.5 hours. It was my fault that the nappy leaked, as I should have changed him sooner, but I had become accustomed to this nappy being so reliable that I overshot the changing mark!

Typically, this nappy will last Rory around 3 hours with no extra boosting than what comes in the AI2 package. As I mentioned previously, this nappy is extremely reliable for us, and I reach for it every time that it is dry and off the line.

The Price

As with most handmade nappies, the price reflects the dedication and hard work put into painstakingly handmaking each nappy and personally sourcing materials - so is priced accordingly at £25 per nappy for both the slim and the large OSFM. This is an average price across the board for a handmade nappy, and I personally think for the quality you are getting, is very reasonable.

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend Matroze Handmade, and you can buy them here.

Liga has kindly given me a discount code to share with you which you can use the entire month of September to get yourself 10% off when shopping direct from the above link. Simply enter the code 'WELCOME10' at the checkout.

Matroze nappies will also be stocked at Baby of Mine shop very soon in 3 different beautiful prints currently unavailable direct from Matroze.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review, if you want more nappy themed content, you can visit the following Instagram pages: @theclothbummummy, @babyofmineshop or @matroze_nappies.

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